This is one of my favourite photographs that I have ever taken. I think that it’s a very beautiful, timeless scene of the flower girl at the side of her mum, the bride, framed by her mum’s arm and wedding dress.

This image came about through eye contact. As soon as I arrived at the bride’s house to start the bridal prep shots I was aware of being watched. Every time I turned round I saw this exact expression. The expression didn’t change when I raised my camera, she just silently looked straight down the lens. I actually have a whole series of images featuring the exact same expression and eye contact. Her mum and aunties told me that she was really annoyed at not being the centre of attention for one day!

Often nerves take over and smiles fade as a young bridesmaid or flower girl reaches the point at which they have to walk down the aisle in a packed venue. However, in this case the complete opposite happened and she began to smile as the wedding procession started. 

I edited it in black and white and applied a softening effect to create a classic, timeless look. I also like that the angle of her mum’s arm is almost parallel to that of the bannister to the right of the frame.

In addition to being one of my personal favourites; this is an image that literally stops people in their tracks when they pass my stand at wedding fairs. I always display it at eye level and let the eye contact draw people in. I think this is very fitting as eye-contact is what led to this image.

black and white photograph of a young flower girl standing beside the bride at a wedding