A colour photograph of a bride, her mother and her sister hugging on the dance floor during her wedding

This photograph is exactly what a what I strive to achieve as a documentary style wedding photographer: a real moment of emotional connection between the bride, her mum and her sister as they were having a great time on the dance floor. They are caught up in the moment and are oblivious to the wedding guests surrounding them (and also to me!). It’s almost just a bonus that the colour of the DJ’s lighting complement the colours of the women’s clothing and the room. It could so easily have been red and green laser dots on their faces!

I am actually writing this on the same day that I hand delivered three A4 sized prints of this photograph to the bride’s mum. I was very pleased that she had chosen one of my favourite images from her daughter’s wedding to frame for each of the three of them. Especially as she had chosen this image over the formal shot of the three of them together. It’s very rewarding to know that people understand and appreciate my candid approach to photography.

Thanks for reading, Kiain