Weaver’s Gallery

This is that start of a series of posts I have planned about various businesses I use and /or who’s owners I have got to know over the years I have lived in Blantrye.

I have been using Weaver’s Gallery on Hunthill Road, High Blantyre for framing my photographs for nearly 7 years now and have got to know the owners, Elizabeth and David, in that time. They took over Weaver’s about 9 years ago and provide a fantastic service with a huge variety of high quality frames and mounts form which to chose. David has a very long history in the print industry and Elizabeth and I actually both had worked in Strathclyde Police Headquarters (although in very different departments) at the same time without realising. Now that I am fully self-employed it is also good to be able to speak to David and get advice which draws on his decades of experience in running businesses.

I have lost count of the number of frames that I have bought from Weaver’s but they have ranged from client orders for wedding and family photos, through to the larger sized landscape photographs and art prints on my walls at home. A quick count shows that I have 12 of their frames on my walls at home and a few others in storage for use at craft and wedding fairs. The types of frames and glass that they use are also very light in weight which reduces the need for specialised wall fixings or reinforcement. I have an A0 (28.5×38 inches) sized photo collage in one of their frames that is light enough to hang on a single screw with Rawlplug.

All of the frames I have bought from Weaver’s were tailored to my specific requirements but choices of colour and finish were usually made in conjunction with Elizabeth as she has a great talent for helping to select colour combinations that will compliment the art work. The non-reflective glass option is a massive bonus for a photographer as it shows off the colours and tones of our work without being obscured by reflections form windows or lighting.

Weaver’s Gallery also have the distinction of being the first shop to sell some of my landscape photographs! Not long after I started to buy frames from them, David and Elizabeth asked if I could get them some images of local landmarks for them to sell in their shop. The has actually become an ongoing project for me which will also be featured in this blog. I have been exploring the various ‘greenspaces’ around Blantyre for several years and I’m always trying to capture the, often unexpected, beauty in and around Blantyre.

More recently David and Elizabeth were a massive help when a supplier failed to get a banner ready in time for a wedding fair, a fact which they only told me the day before it was required. After phoning Weavers to see if they could help, I used my own printer to print out a large sized print of the (old) Lenscurve logo. I took this to David who used his skills to turn the logo print into a sign suitable for use at the fair.