About You

About you: 

Choosing your perfect wedding photographer isn’t easy!

Colour photograph of a groom dabbing his eyes during his wedding ceremony as his bride looks on

My wedding photography style page about documentary wedding photography, my ‘about me’ and my wedding portfolio will give you a very good idea about my style of wedding photography as does my blog.

You will hopefully realise that my style of wedding photography is very different to the hundreds of other photographers out there (Even those who also call themselves documentary wedding photographers).

If you want wedding photos that capture real natural, emotion filled moments then please read on.

You spend a lot of time and money on your wedding (and looking for the perfect wedding photographer).

There are countless magazine articles and online posts on blogs, Instagram, Etsy, wedding forums and Facebook groups about the ’12 poses you absolutely must have for your wedding photos’ or similar.

The fact is, you don’t need to have any of those poses (or even any posed shots at all) if you aren’t comfortable with the idea or simply don’t want them.

Choose a photographer who fits with what you want.

When you look at my photofilm of Elaine and Mike's wedding below you'll see a set of natural images, all unposed and capturing them and their guests caught up in all the high emotion and fun of their wedding.

Please turn up the sound and press play:

I pride myself on being a fully candid wedding photographer who will capture a true, natural, timeless record of your wedding day.

In short I want you to see your wedding as it was seen through the eyes of your wedding guests. This is why it is so important to me that you spend your time with them, not me!

A question you should ask yourself is:

Would I prefer to spend my big day with my family and friends rather than spend hours with a photographer stage managing endless posed pictures?

If your answer is 'YES!' then I hope that you love:

Natural images that show real human emotion and connection.

Wedding photography that captures people caught up in the moment

Emotion filled and humour driven photographs

Images that bring back memories and make you smile

colour photograph of a groom and his grooms men before the start of a wedding at Fernie Castle

If the thought of this gives you The Fear:

Lining up for Dozens of posed group shots (of course, we can still do a few).

Being asked to walk down the same path 5 times to get one photograph.

Moody, posed couples shots.

Being told to “look at the camera & smile”.

Spending more time with a photographer than your guests.

….then we may well be on the same page

I hope that this page has been of some help for you in finding your perfect wedding photographer and that you have enjoyed looking at my work. You see and read more about my work as a candid wedding photographer in Scotland on my Homepage as well as my Facebook and Instagram pages.

My style is 100% natural and candid.

You will be free to enjoy your day with your friends and family.

You will get a unique collection of timeless wedding photographs.